Exclusive SNL Candy (Including Schweddy Balls)

SNL Candy Collection

Every now and again I come across some amazing products online that I can’t help but share with my friends. This is one of those times. (and if you are looking for a coupon, I have an exclusive one!) I had never heard of the site IT’SUGAR before, but their Exclusive Saturday Night Live merchandise […]

Rediscovering Tea (And How It Helps Me Sleep)


For the last couple of years I have gone in spurts where I drink a lot of hot tea for awhile and then none at all. I’ve read about all of the health benefits, and I love to make it loose leaf with my Teavana Perfect Teamaker. But then I get lazy and quit drinking […]

New Frozen Candy from Jelly Belly

Frozen Jelly Belly Candy

  If you have Frozen fans in your house like I do, you know that they want pretty much every thing that they can get with Frozen characters on it. These new officially licensed Frozen candies from Jelly Belly would be perfect as party favors or even to add to gift bags. The jelly beans […]

My Second Favorite Birthday Cake

Burnt Almond Torte for Prantl's Bakery

Before I go any further, you are probably wondering why I am writing about my SECOND favorite birthday cake and not my favorite. My favorite birthday cake is a homemade chocolate cake with seafoam icing that only my mom and grandma can make right. You will likely never get your hands on that cake, especially […]

Buy One Get One Free Cheerios

Free Cheerios

Once upon a time when my kids were small, Cheerios were pretty much their own block in the food pyramid in our house. As they have gotten older, Cheerios have taken on the role they play in most people’s houses–breakfast. However, I have to say that I do make myself a little snack mix with […]

Free Knife Skill Class from Craftsy

I’ve never really looked closely at Craftsy before because I don’t consider myself a Crafty person at all and probably never will be. But when I saw the advertisement for the free Master Knife Skills class, I became interested. I’m one of those people who loves to cook but has never had any training and […]

Would You Buy Fifty Shades of Grey Wine?

Fifty Shades of Grey Wine Collection

With news that casting is now complete for the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, I have no doubt that we will be starting to hear about a lot more marketing tie-ins. What could be more appropriate based on the book then a collection of wine? I was intrigued when I heard about it, until I […]

Kroger’s Kitchen to Kickoff Contest


I love Kroger, and I love contests. So the Kroger Kitchen to Kickoff Contest is perfect for me. Even more than that, my family loves Sunday football and all of the fun food that we always make for it. How cool would it be to win a $1000 Kroger gift card for sharing your family’s […]

Kroger Quits Double Coupons

Kroger Double Coupons

As a member of the Kroger blogger network, I received an email early this morning about an announcement that Kroger was making regarding pricing and coupons. The Kroger Central Division (Indiana and Illinois) announced that it will no longer be doubling coupons but will instead be reducing prices on some produce, natural foods, organics, and […]

Chop Salads at Home Like Subway

Subway Salad Chopper

Hot product alert! I’ve always loved chopped salads. In fact, my friends often make fun of me when we go out to eat because of how long I spend chopping up my salads. Now with all of the orthodontia in my mouth, I appreciate chopped salads even more. Did you know Subway has chopped salads […]