Exclusive Coupons and $10 Cash Back on Health Products


I’m not great about clipping coupons from magazines and newspapers, but I have gotten much better at using electronic coupons and coupons I can browse and print online. One new place that I was introduced to this week was Step Up, Save & Live Happy for the Chattem brand of products.  Right now they are […]

Are You Saving Money at CVS?


I never used to think of CVS as a place to do general shopping until I was sitting with my family waiting for flu shots last fall. While we were waiting, we could see everyone at checkout and what they were buying. Some people were just popping in to grab a gallon of milk. Some […]

Resolutions Should Not Make You Feel Guilty

New Year's Resolution Guilt

It’s that time again where everyone talks about their New Year’s Resolutions! Every year at this time my Facebook stream is a mix of two different types of people posting about resolutions: 1) The people who are making resolutions for the new year. 2) The people who are making fun of the people making resolutions […]

Hamilton Fans: Rudolph Reimagined

Hamildolph (Hamilton Rudolph Parody)

A guest post from my daughter, Cassie. She might be the biggest Hamilton fan in the house (MIGHT). Keep in mind this whole song is done a cappella! Watch the video and then read below to see what you might have missed. 

I’m Where I’m Supposed To Be: Are You?


Every day I feel like I am straddling a line. People throw around the words “work at home mom” and “mompreneur” like it’s easy to explain. I work from home, but I have kids. I have a job, but it’s a home office. That seems simple. And yet I always feel like the grass is […]

Himalayan Salt Shop Lamp Review

Himalayan Salt Lamps

(Guest post from Ashleigh) The first time I ever heard of a Himalayan Salt Lamp was when my daughter began Palliative Care treatment for her chronic pain.  I had no idea what it was or how it would help.  It looked like a glowing beautiful rock, but I didn’t get how it would help her at […]

Trump Fans Need to Just Give Us a Minute


Today has been a long day, especially since for most of us it started yesterday. We’re tired. Emotions are high. We’re all raw and feeling vulnerable for various reasons. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not dealing well. Honestly, the last time I cried this much in a day was when my […]

Gilmore Girls Revival Party Menu

Gilmore Girls Party Menu

Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix? If so and you want to take your GG watching to the next level, consider planning a Gilmore Girls Menu to accompany your November 25 binge watching. Simple (and obvious) ideas: Coffee (duh! I don’t even like coffee but I […]

Disney Contests Ending Soon

Disney Contests Ending Soon

It’s been over a month since our last Disney contest update and a few of these are ending soon! Be sure to jump on them before you miss out. Leave a comment below telling us which you like best so we can look for more of them! Classic Cruise Sweepstakes (TCM Wine Club) Win a […]

Never Admit You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted


I’d like to thank Donald Trump. And Bill Clinton, really. I’d like to thank both of them for giving me a reason to finally speak openly. I can’t get away from two words these days–sexual assault. They are constantly on the news. In my Facebook news feed. In my Twitter stream. And every single time […]