I originally started Helping Moms Connect in 2004 as a way to share news, contests, discounts, and helpful hints with other moms. It was before everyone was blogging and the site was done with raw HTML. Over the past few years, I scrapped everything I did in the early days and moved to WordPress for many reasons (including ease of use, awesome plugins, and Search Engine Optimization).

Over the years I learned quite a bit about social networking, online advertising, and how to run websites. At the same time, the core of the site has stayed the same. Even better, we have grown to a point where we are often able to run exclusive contests and get special discounts for our visitors.

I’m an ordinary mom with of the same problems as you. I look for information about how to keep my kids safe, save money, and relate better to my family. You probably won’t be interested in every post on this site, but hopefully more often than not. If there is anything that you would ever like to see (or not see any more of!), just leave me a comment and we will chat about.

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Tricia Meyer

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