Are You Saving Money at CVS?


I never used to think of CVS as a place to do general shopping until I was sitting with my family waiting for flu shots last fall. While we were waiting, we could see everyone at checkout and what they were buying. Some people were just popping in to grab a gallon of milk. Some […]

Himalayan Salt Shop Lamp Review

Himalayan Salt Lamps

(Guest post from Ashleigh) The first time I ever heard of a Himalayan Salt Lamp was when my daughter began Palliative Care treatment for her chronic pain.  I had no idea what it was or how it would help.  It looked like a glowing beautiful rock, but I didn’t get how it would help her at […]

Teen Costumes That Will Get Used Year Round


I’ve never been one to make Halloween costumes. My mom was great at pulling them together. She set the bar pretty high with this Wonder Woman costume she made me when I was about 4: My daughters have always been Disney girls. Almost every year they got a new princess costume until they graduated up […]

Buying Experiences Versus Buying Stuff


Last week we took our kids to New York for a few days in conjunction with my travel for a conference. The highlight of the trip was getting to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. As I talked to friends about how we have started buying our kids tickets for events as gifts, I kept hearing the […]

How Did I Miss This For So Long?

Cents of Style

I consider myself a pretty savvy deal shopper. So how in the world did I miss Cents of Style for so long? I met up with them at a conference last week and was blown away by their site and their business model. There isn’t a single item on the site that I looked at […]

Where Does an Online Shopping Expert Shop?


After 11 years of helping other people find the best deals and products online, I’ve definitely become an expert at online shopping. Although I make affiliate commissions on some of the things I write about, I also write about products and merchants that I don’t get anything for at all just because I really love […]