Which Pur Product Do I Use Every Day?


Normally when a merchant sends me a free product to do a review, I try to get the review up as soon as possible. This time I took 6 weeks! Did I feel guilty? A little. But I had a good reason. Many times when I try a product out quickly I like it because […]

Curlformers: Best Solution for Hard to Curl Hair

Curlformers Review

When my daughter was young and in dance classes, I remember how distressed I always was at trying to get her hair to stay in the ringlets that they wanted them to have for recitals. I did my best with a combination of products and different types of curlers and irons. Every single time the […]

Hair Products Make All the Difference

Hair Product Differences

When I was a teenager, I had poker straight hair and wanted it curly so badly that my mom permed it until I looked like a poodle. After I had kids, it developed its own curl and I wanted it straight so badly that I started flat-ironing it until it became dull looking. People are […]

How Much Difference Does An Inch Really Make?

Difference of an Inch

I’m pretty open about sharing personal things on my blog, including a lot about my own insecurities. I’ve been turning this post over in my head for quite awhile and after talking to my kids the other day, I decided the time had come to write it. Put your fingers out in front of you […]

Win Chin Up Fitspiration Plus Exclusive Deal

Win a Shirt from Chin Up Apparel

When I first started working out, I wore whatever old t-shirt I could find. After I started taking it more seriously, I started buying actual “workout clothes.” My daily wardrobe consists of solid colored shirts (usually a shade of pink or blue) and black or gray tech pants. Pretty much every…single…day. But I noticed a […]

Finding Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Find Cheap Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s ugly Christmas sweater time! There are some AMAZING sweaters at places like Tipsy Elves (as seen on Shark Tank). They have them in just about every pattern you could want. And of course there are the Ugly NFL Sweaters that I wrote about recently. I have to admit that the “ugly Christmas sweater” everyone […]

What Is That NFL Camouflage Stuff?


When I was watching football on Sunday I kept seeing players and coaches wearing NFL gear that looked like it was camouflage. I was really confused…wondering if it was some kind of hunting season motif. Turns out that it was for NFL Salute to Service Month. For every point scored during the NFL’s 32 designated […]

What Do You Think About This Racy Homepage?


Today I was going through my normal list of Daily Deals looking for things that I want to promote. After so many years in online marketing, I usually do not get distracted by images on pages. I know right where the deals are and I head straight to them. Today’s Torrid homepage caught me completely […]