Are Online Psychics Legitimate?

I’ve always been a little interested by psychics and have gone twice in my life. Both times the psychics had been referred by friends and both of my experiences were incredible. They told me things about my past and present that were very reliable, which led me to believe the things that they told me about my future. Most of what I can remember that they told me came true.

One of the psychics that I really liked also did phone readings. My mom called her and got an incredibly accurate reading over the phone. That was the first time that I got the idea that online psychics might just be legitimate. Fast forward 2 years and a friend approached me about an online psychic network with which she works. I was very skeptical and actually blew it off for a month. But circumstances collided and I found myself wondering if it might just be worth trying.

I did a lot of searching around the website. They make it very clear that it is for “entertainment purposes” only, but I know that’s because it is required by law that they not make any claims that would lure people into something unsuspectingly. I used one of the package deals that give me X number of minutes (right now they have 15 minutes for $10). I read through all of the bios of the psychics listed as well as the reviews and eventually chose one.

I was nervous when I called. It felt strange. The process was easy enough, and I was connected with the psychic of my choice quickly. There wasn’t any wasting minutes having me tell myself about her or her telling herself about me. We got right to it. She asked only my first name and my birthdate.

While I won’t go into everything that she told me because some of it was very personal, I have to say that 80% of it was very accurate. 10% I didn’t feel was accurate and the other 10% I can’t verify other way. It was definitely as legitimate a reading as the ones that I have had in person. Here are some things that she said to me, and I wonder if she said the exact same things to everyone else if they would feel that their reading was also at least 80% accurate:

  • My daughters are intelligent and healthy with bright futures
  • My children have guardian angels watching over them
  • My mom is a strong, hard-working woman with too much stress in her life right now
  • My sister and I took different paths but are both happy with where we are
  • My husband fell in love with me the first time that he saw me and we are soul mates
  • Some of our friends are jealous of our marriage because of how good it is
  • In general my life is incredibly positive and the only thing negative comes from some of the people around me but they are outweighed by the number of positive friends that I have

I think everything she said above is true about my life. If she said the exact same things to you, would it also be true? If not, maybe she was pretty accurate and it is worth calling yourself. If so, maybe I should be more skeptical?

I have to say that I relayed ALL of the things that she said to me to my mother, my husband, and one of my closest friends. Across the board they agreed that pretty much everything she said was true (even if they personally are not into such a thing). Two of the three even decided that they want to now call themselves.

Who can say whether online psychics are real, legitimate, etc? I can say that my experience with the online psychic (via phone) was as real and legitimate to me as the readings that I have had done in person. So if you are the least bit interested in having a reading done, it’s worth it to try the package deal from because they really do try to create a good experience for their customers with psychics that they believe to be the real thing–and just might be!

What do you think about “real online psychics”?


  1. RENITA says

    I firmly believe there are real ones out there., just like the ones who had dreams in the bible, but I do believe the real ones are limited in number. There is no way ALL the phone ones are real, but I am sure a few are.

  2. says

    The question of legit or scam applies not only in online but also in person too. There are several ways to verify if a psychic is legit or not. Reading reviews can help a lot in such cases. Also, if you don’t have any faith in psychics, the question of legit or scam is meaningless for you.

  3. says

    I enjoy a phone psychic reading better than an in-person reading. One main reason is my face cannot give my reaction away. I have heard that a good psychic reading is absent of opinions as to what is being said by the psychic. While you may not voice one, your facial expressions or body language could provide those visual clues to the psychic in person.

  4. says

    Some Gypsies are real psychics some are phoney and some are Mediums. Practically some of the advise I would not follow. Most of all their is something called Numerology look it up put in your numbers of your Birthday your hour of Birth and signs. I’ve done this and without paying money can tell how I really am spot on when it comes to personality what things to base on. Their is a form of ESP that we can have and others have gifts. We are all Psychic If we listen to our hearts and the signs that are right in front of us. Spirits I believe try to contact us all the time but where not to the right level of consciousness to understand to interpet. Their is a barrier between the dead and the living.
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  5. says

    I’ve always wanted to go visit a psychic just once, for fun. I’ve never had the experience. If I were going to do it just once, though, I’d rather do it in person than over the phone.

    Regarding your list of things the, only point #3 and point #7 could possibly apply to me.
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  6. Cindy says

    Being a lover of psychic readings I went ahead and tried it also for 30 minutes. Some of the stuff she said was spot on, some I really don’t know cause she concentrated a lot on my husbands feelings so him and I will be discussing that. Some of it I guess could apply in general to someone my age. She concentrated very heavily on my me and my husband, a little about me personally but not alot, but what she did say could certainly hold truth. There is always a way to interpret things differently too, so you have to wonder if you turn things around in your own mind to accomodate what they have said. All in all I think its a great experience ,and even if it doesn’t all ring true, it certainly gives you something to think about. I’m glad I did it and will be calling them again. I did not like how she put some pressure on me for longer minutes and when my time was up, I told her I had to go and that was it.

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