Is Your Eye Doctor Illegally Taking Advantage Of You?


Last week the FTC sent out letters to eye doctors across the country warning them of potential violations of “The Contact Lens Rule.” As soon as I heard about it, I started digging in and found out that there is a similar “Eyeglass Rule.” I had never heard of either of them and it turns […]

Fitbit Jewelry That is Affordable and Cute (On Sale!)

Fitbit Jewelry

I’ve been wearing my FitBit daily for over a year now. I wear it everywhere I go, even when I am dressed out. I swap back and forth between black and pink, but I know that it sometimes looks ugly, especially with my other jewelry. I had considered the Tory Burch Fitbit bracelet, but it […]

I Bought a Picture Worth 1000 Words


If you look at any family photo or group picture of me on Facebook, you will see that I am always the one standing in the back. One of the perks of being tall is that I always have an excuse to stand behind someone else when I am getting my picture taken. If I […]

Jabra Headphones at Best Buy Get You Ready to Run

Jabra Headphones from Best Buy

A lot of people start exercising more in January because of New Year’s Resolutions. For me, I start officially training for the Indy Mini Marathon every January. It’s the biggest half marathon race in the country and I am lucky enough to have it in my backyard. I don’t really consider myself a runner, but […]

Trust Me, You Need Burn Cream #BurnsHappen

First Degree Burn Cream

If only I had First Degree Advanced Burn Cream in my medicine cabinet a month ago, I likely would have saved myself 1) scars on my belly, and 2) a doctor bill. I feel stupid even telling the story, but it might save you some pain and money in the future. Let me rewind. One […]

Mom Gets Braces: Know When to Hold ‘Em (9)

Braces After 17 Months

I’m happy to say that I am going to be ending my “Mom Gets Braces” Series before too long because there is not much left to report! Today I had a checkup where the orthodontist proclaimed my teeth practically perfect. After 6 months of wearing the elastics pretty much around the clock (although I wasn’t […]

Why I Love Zumba (and Stick With It)

Get Moving with Zumba

I am not the kind of person who loves exercise of every kind. I’m not incredibly coordinated and I don’t play any sports at all. I spend pretty much all day every day working at a desk in my office. So getting in exercise is a challenge for me. For years I tried all different […]

Mom Gets Braces: Triangle Elastics (7)

Triangle Rubber Bands for Braces

Just when I thought the pain of the braces was a thing of the past, I was introduced to a new instrument of torture–the elastics. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I had to get the “elastics” (which are the official name for “rubber bands for braces”). But I had […]

Pink Braces for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Braces for Breast Cancer

Normally I will do whatever I can to keep from drawing attention to my braces. Today when I went in for an adjustment at Sadler Orthodontics they told me they were starting a contest for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to get entered all I had to do was agree to put pink rubber bands […]