Jabra Headphones at Best Buy Get You Ready to Run

Jabra Headphones from Best Buy

A lot of people start exercising more in January because of New Year’s Resolutions. For me, I start officially training for the Indy Mini Marathon every January. It’s the biggest half marathon race in the country and I am lucky enough to have it in my backyard. I don’t really consider myself a runner, but […]

Trust Me, You Need Burn Cream #BurnsHappen

First Degree Burn Cream

If only I had First Degree Advanced Burn Cream in my medicine cabinet a month ago, I likely would have saved myself 1) scars on my belly, and 2) a doctor bill. I feel stupid even telling the story, but it might save you some pain and money in the future. Let me rewind. One […]

Mom Gets Braces: Know When to Hold ‘Em (9)

Braces After 17 Months

I’m happy to say that I am going to be ending my “Mom Gets Braces” Series before too long because there is not much left to report! Today I had a checkup where the orthodontist proclaimed my teeth practically perfect. After 6 months of wearing the elastics pretty much around the clock (although I wasn’t […]

Why I Love Zumba (and Stick With It)

Get Moving with Zumba

I am not the kind of person who loves exercise of every kind. I’m not incredibly coordinated and I don’t play any sports at all. I spend pretty much all day every day working at a desk in my office. So getting in exercise is a challenge for me. For years I tried all different […]

Mom Gets Braces: Triangle Elastics (7)

Triangle Rubber Bands for Braces

Just when I thought the pain of the braces was a thing of the past, I was introduced to a new instrument of torture–the elastics. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I had to get the “elastics” (which are the official name for “rubber bands for braces”). But I had […]

Pink Braces for Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Braces for Breast Cancer

Normally I will do whatever I can to keep from drawing attention to my braces. Today when I went in for an adjustment at Sadler Orthodontics they told me they were starting a contest for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to get entered all I had to do was agree to put pink rubber bands […]

Mom Gets Braces: Palate Expander Removed (6)

Rapid Palate Expander

This should be one of my most exciting posts. For 5 months I have endured the Rapid Palate Expander. After just a few days of having it in, I thought I was going to rip it out my mouth. After about a week, I was starting to get used to it. After 5 months I […]

Mom Gets Braces: And Swallows Them (5)

Swallowing Braces Brackets

It’s been awhile since I updated my braces saga and I have to admit it almost all came to a crashing end this weekend. Two weeks ago I had my bottom braces put on. You can see from the picture how jacked up my bottom teeth look in the front–especially now that the metal is […]

Surprising Medicine Instructions

Aleve Instructions

Earlier today I visited the doctor about some back pain. He suggested that I start taking Aleve twice a day. I’ve never used it before, so I headed to Kroger to pick up a box. When I looked at the side of the box for the instructions I had to do a double–no triple!-take! Was […]

Mom Gets Braces: Top Braces Are On! (4)

Mom Gets Top Braces

When I last checked in for my continuing saga of getting braces at 37, I was learning how to survive the palate expander. I was starting to eat a little more normally and wasn’t in much pain. Of course, as soon as I got used to all of that, my top braces went on. And […]