Himalayan Salt Shop Lamp Review

Himalayan Salt Lamps

(Guest post from Ashleigh) The first time I ever heard of a Himalayan Salt Lamp was when my daughter began Palliative Care treatment for her chronic pain.  I had no idea what it was or how it would help.  It looked like a glowing beautiful rock, but I didn’t get how it would help her at […]

Tips for Choosing a Tablet PC (Guest Post)

Apple iPad

It might not even be Halloween yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about the holidays. In fact, most mainstream personal finance gurus suggest you start holiday shopping as early as August, as to spread out the cost. You probably have a long list of friends and relatives for whom you’re buying […]

Mystery Shopping for Fun and Profit (Guest Post)

by Cathy Stucker, author of The Mystery Shopper’s Manual Mystery shopping is not all fun and games, but it is a flexible and enjoyable way to make extra money and get “free” stuff. Although mystery shopping is work, it has definite advantages over a regular job. Because most mystery shoppers are independent contractors, they choose […]

The Treasures of Reading With Your Kids (Guest Post)

With four kids I do a lot of reading.  I’ve taught each one of them to read with phonics my way.  However, as they outgrew the phonics program we started to read together each night.  I realized that reading together can do more than just benefit your kids – it benefits me as a parent. […]