Win Chin Up Fitspiration Plus Exclusive Deal

Win a Shirt from Chin Up Apparel

When I first started working out, I wore whatever old t-shirt I could find. After I started taking it more seriously, I started buying actual “workout clothes.” My daily wardrobe consists of solid colored shirts (usually a shade of pink or blue) and black or gray tech pants. Pretty much every…single…day. But I noticed a […]

Showing Off My Daughter


What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t use my blog to brag about my kids at least a little bit? Last week was the school talent show and my older daughter, Jillian, sang a song from Wicked with her best friend Sam. I was so proud of them! They choreographed and practiced […]

Rediscovering Tea (And How It Helps Me Sleep)


For the last couple of years I have gone in spurts where I drink a lot of hot tea for awhile and then none at all. I’ve read about all of the health benefits, and I love to make it loose leaf with my Teavana Perfect Teamaker. But then I get lazy and quit drinking […]

Ray Rice Isn’t the Story, Domestic Abuse Is


All the world is talking about Ray Rice right now. The attention is on him, the NFL, the local police, everyone who might have seen the video, TMZ, etc. Let’s now take Ray Rice out of the equation and use this as an opportunity to maybe reach some people who need to be reached. This […]

Easy Way to Raise Money for Rescue Dog Winston

Help Winston the Rescue Dog

Last month Winston was on the “Kill List.” Today he still has a chance at a happy, healthy life if enough of us come together to help him. Given that the title of my blog is “Helping Moms Connect,” it seems only fitting that my mission today is to help my own mom with something […]

Believe it or Not: Ripley’s Great Fun for Whole Family

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Traveling with tween/teen girls is always an adventure. When the kids were small, we knew how to entertain them–slides and playgrounds were fun, cheesy music held their attention, and people dressed as animals or cartoon characters were believable. Now that they have gotten older, planning fun things to do on family vacations is a little […]

Mom Gets Braces: More Rubber Bands (8)

Braces 14 Months

It’s been 4 months since I last wrote about my braces, and that is because there really wasn’t much to report. I’m now 14 months into the process with approximately 10 months to go (although I am hoping for 9 months left to have them off by Christmas). Ever since I started my triangle elastics […]

Big Kids Can Show Their #DISNEYSIDE

#DisneySide Party Kit

When I was sent an opportunity to apply for a Disney Side @Home Celebration (thanks, Kim!) through Disney Parks and MomSelect, I jumped at it! We’re huge Disney fans in our house. We own Disney Vacation Club, take at least one Disney trip every year, and take a Disney Cruise every other year. We have […]

100 Books to Read in a Lifetime

100 Books to Read

Amazon released a list called “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime,” and I was immediately drawn into it. I’m an avid reader but often read a lot of “fluffy” books just to escape. I made a promise to myself last year that I would try to read at least a few books with more […]