Until I Die (Revenants Book 2) Review

Untiil I Die Revenants

Book 2 in Amy Plum's Revenants Series

When my friend Carol came back from a recent book conference with Until I Die, I was ecstatic! If you have not yet heard of it, Until I Die is the second book in the Revenants series by Amy Plum. In addition to getting the book, I got a little scoop from Carol about what a delight it was to meet Amy and how she even remembered Carol and her sister-in-law as fans of her Facebook page. THAT is very cool.

The Revenants series is about undead beings, but they are not vampires. Rather, it is a nice mix of supernatural and mythology. Mix that up with some Parisian flavor and a little romance and you get a nice read. The first book in the series, Die for Me, introduced us to the concept of revenants as well as the main characters, Kate and Vincent. Kate has recently lost her parents and moved to Paris to live with her grandparents and sister. Vincent is charming, handsome, and not exactly normal.

Stop reading here if you haven’t already read the first book. If you have and want to know more about book 2, read on! (No spoilers though)

Until I Die picks up pretty much right where Die for Me left off. Kate and Vincent are together, and Charlotte and Charles are moving away after the problems that Charles created with the numa. Kate and Vincent are desperate to find a way for Vincent to not have to die again throughout the rest of Kate’s lifetime so that they can be together. The crux of the book involves the way that each of them go about finding a possible solution.

We’re introduced to some new revenants who come to stay while Charles and Charlotte are away. Georgia is also center to a lot of the story again. She seems to keep popping up even when she isn’t exactly wanted (or helpful). Kate’s strength continues to grow, both physically and mentally. Although she does tend to do a bit of “pining” for Vincent when she is not with him, it’s not any different than the way most of us were at her age. Considering that she doesn’t really have any normal girlfriends, it’s to be expected.

One of the things that I loved about the book was that I felt like I was learning a little bit about Paris while I was reading–but not in a “tour guide” kind of way. It was fun to learn that the French frown upon people walking down the street and eating at the same time. Someday when I get to visit, I’m going to remember that.

The book was an incredibly quick read for me–maybe 2 days? I like Plum’s writing style and never felt like the plot was dragging at all. Be prepared, however, for one of those endings that leaves you hanging so far that you want to call Plum up herself and beg her to tell you what happens next. I have some suspicions about what will happen in the 3rd book, so I’ll be anxious to find out if I am right. Unfortunately, I am going to be waiting quite awhile!

Get your copy of Until I Die pre-ordered now and if you haven’t read Die for Me yet, order them both!


  1. Carol Kinman says

    Love that book and Amy Plum is such a wonderful lady. It was great to meet an author who related so personally with her readers. Great book series by a wonderful lady!!!

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