Fashion Playtes Review

Fashion Playtes Review

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Are you looking for something unique for the young girls in your life? After reading this Fashion Playtes review I think you will be as excited about them as I am!

When my daughters were little, I could buy them whatever cute and frilly clothes I wanted them to wear and they wore them. That changed. And in a big way. If you are a mom with daughters over the age of about 6, you know exactly what I am talking about. With girls now 8 and 10, it’s getting harder and harder to find clothes that we can agree on. Fashion Playtes has completely changed that!

Fashion Playtes was kind enough to give us a gift certificate to try out the site. We sat down at the computer and I walked the girls through the website a bit. I then let them go to their own computer and play around with the site over the next couple of days. When it came time to order, we sat together and I navigated through the site as they directed me. Jillian wanted an outfit she could wear on PE days but that didn’t scream “sports” so she customized a hoodie with a blue sparkly music note. Cassie is my “girly girl” and designed a pink dress with a flowery peace sign. Each girl was able to custom design an outfit that was perfect for her personality and I was happy with the fact that the clothes were appropriate for school but also still very stylish.

The clothes arrived about 8 days after we ordered them. At first I was a little concerned about the quality. However, the girls have now worn (and washed) each outfit at least 4 times now in the past month and the clothes are not showing any wear at all. In fact, I would say that they probably wear their Fashion Playtes outfits just about every week because they love them so much. My 8-year-old was asking me last night if we would be able to order more soon (little does she know that she is getting a Fashion Playtes gift certificate for Christmas!).

If you are looking for clothes for your daughter or a unique gift idea for anyone’s daughter, you should check out Fashion Playtes. In addition to the clothes designs, you can order gift certificates to let the kids design the clothes themselves. This would make a terrific gift!

Check out the video of my girls below so you can see a sample of the clothes that they designed. Then visit Fashion Playtes yourself to see how easy it is! Check out our sister site Sunshine Rewards for the latest Fashion Playtes coupons and deals.


  1. Deana says

    Way-back before. My mom is not particular of fashion trends. I’m confident whatever clothes I wear, as long as I’m comfortable. :)
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  2. Recca says

    It is really good to look unique and fashionable because in that way you can express your creativity and also your ways on how you manage your self especially for us women.
    Recca recently had something to say about..famous brandsMy Profile

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