Disney Collection at Little Miss Matched

Little Miss Matched Disney SocksMy daughters have always been fans of Little Miss Matched, but I think the whole family is going to be now that I have found their Disney Collection. If you haven’t heard of the brand, Little Miss Matched is a really fun site that allows you to buy different items (clothes, socks, accessories, home decor, dolls, etc) and mix and match them. My daughter decorated her whole bedroom in bright orange and pink stars from LMM when she was going through her “superstar!” period.

The unique thing about the socks at LMM is that you are SUPPOSED to mix and match them. If your kids (or you!) are anything like mine, a single sock is always getting lost or ruined. Then you just have to use the other one for dusting. But who dusts that much?? What if you had a third sock that you could swap in? The Little Miss Matched socks come in 3 packs of coordinating colors and prints.

The Disney Collection in particular really caught my eye because they are so bright and fun! You can choose from a lot of different character sets including Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Alice and Wonderland, Princesses, and Tinkerbell. They have standard sizes along with some specific Toddler sized socks.

Even if you are not a Disney fan (I won’t hold it against you), Little Miss Matched has adorable items for back to school. Mix and match purses, pouches, and backpacks. Pick a few main clothing items and let the kids mix and match them on school days without your help. Imagine how much easier mornings would be! Plus, from now until September 9, get free shipping on all orders with code F1BTSFS (excludes bikes and trunks).

Check out Little Miss Matched today and see how fun their merchandise is. If you have young girls in your house, it is sure to be a hit!

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