Best Running Headphones for Women

As I continue preparing to run the Indianapolis Mini Marathon, I am getting to the point where I have to make decisions about what exactly I am going to wear and eat. Headphones are always a big concern for me. The first year I followed the rules to the “T” and didn’t even bring my headphones. I was really irritated when I saw that everyone else did! Since then I have been bringing them but only using them at select times.

I’ve gone through a lot of different running headphones, some of them very expensive and others very cheap. I’ve pretty much destroyed every pair or given up on them after a few weeks. The ones that go around my ears get loose and end up falling off after wearing them for a couple of months. My friends swore by Skullcandy so I tried those. After a month or so, they started falling out as well. Other cheaper pairs were so irritating that I couldn’t even keep them in.

A friend approached me at a conference last year about SUBJEKT HerPhones. They are made specifically for women. He knew I was a runner and asked me to try them out. I was skeptical because even the headphones that work well for me the first few runs end up not working before long. I tried the HerPhones and they worked great at first. They didn’t hurt my ears and they didn’t fall out. I kept wearing them. Months and miles went by. I’m now up to about 20 miles a week and they haven’t fallen out once!

SUBJEKT Herphones running headphones for women

Herphones Running Headphones for Women

I’m honestly not sure what makes the HerPhones any different than other headphones, but they work. Maybe they are made of a better material that does not stretch and bend so easily that they get loose after you wear them a few times? Maybe there really is a difference between headphones for men and headphones for women? All I know is that I am hard on headphones and these have managed to do the trick for me for months.

Whether you are looking for earbuds for your iPod or gaming device or something much for sturdy for exercise, I don’t think that you can go wrong with HerPhones. If they can stay in my ears comfortably as I jump around and sweat and bop to my running music, they can stay in anyone’s ears!


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