Santa Video In Your Home (and Contest!)

Santa Video

A couple of years ago one of my daughters (who was about 8 at the time) started expressing some doubt over the existence of Santa Clause. Naturally my husband and I were in a panic because we didn’t know what to do. It was pretty clear that she was still wanting to believe, so we [...]

Personalized Coloring Books

Personalized Coloring Books

My daughters have names that are not exactly unique but are also not popular enough that we tend to find merchandise in stores with their names on them. Because of that, I am always on the lookout for things online that I can order. Recently I was introduced to Frecklebox. They specialize in personalized gifts [...]

Why I Am in Denial About the Snow

In Denial of Snow

Supposedly it snowed here in Indiana yesterday. Apparently it was enough to stick for at least a few days. I’m trying to deny that it happened, but not for the reasons that you might think. I don’t care that it is colder outside. I actually kind of like snow, at least in small doses. It [...]

Ray Rice Isn’t the Story, Domestic Abuse Is


All the world is talking about Ray Rice right now. The attention is on him, the NFL, the local police, everyone who might have seen the video, TMZ, etc. Let’s now take Ray Rice out of the equation and use this as an opportunity to maybe reach some people who need to be reached. This [...]

Meet My Cousin Kim and Check Out Her Blog


I don’t often write about other bloggers, but today is a special case. I want you to meet my cousin Kim. In my mind, I still think of her as “Kimmy,” because that’s what she was when we were kids. I’m not sure she would appreciate me calling her that anymore! Kim and I were [...]

How Old Should Kids Be To Date?

Kids Dating

When I first started blogging, my biggest concerns were about potty training, free online math worksheets, and good deals on Gymboree clothes. Fast forward almost 10 years and I still have a lot of parenting concerns, but the stakes seem to be getting higher. Right now we are in the middle of “The Great Boyfriend [...]

How My Kids Helped Me Accept Myself

How My Daughters Helped Me

I wish that I could be one of those people who doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about me (Hi, mom!). I have always been incredibly self-conscious about just about everything. I’ve been on a constant yo-yo diet since I was 13 (and weighed about half of what I do now!). I straighten my naturally [...]

Will Olaf Be the New “Elf on the Shelf”?

Hide and Hug Olaf

  Update on ordering these: My June order on Amazon was supposed to ship in October and has now been pushed back to November. As of today, Amazon is not even showing you can pre-order anymore. Target and Walmart are still taking pre-orders. For some reason, the price at Walmart is much lower than anywhere [...]

Free Build Your Disney Side Sticker

What Does Your Disney Family Look Like?

Disney has launched a new site in keeping with its “Show Your Disney Site” where you can build your Disney Family and then they will send you the decal for free. The site is running REALLY slowly right now–likely because so many people are trying to get to it. But don’t give up! It may [...]

Reuniting Sisters Over 100 Years Later

Finding Sisters 100 Years Later

A few years ago my grandmother gave me an old (OLD!) family album with pictures dating back to the mid 1800s. Some of the more recent ones had names on them but most did not. There were also some various odds and ends like newspaper clippings and funeral notices. As I worked my way through [...]