Easy Way to Raise Money for Rescue Dog Winston

Help Winston the Rescue Dog

Last month Winston was on the “Kill List.” Today he still has a chance at a happy, healthy life if enough of us come together to help him. Given that the title of my blog is “Helping Moms Connect,” it seems only fitting that my mission today is to help my own mom with something [...]

Graduation Card Tips


I’m not quite to the point of sending out graduation announcements and invitations yet, but I know that some of you are. I found this great chart from TinyPrints that I think will be useful for you. There are basically 3 different types of cards that you need–Announcements, Party Invitations, and Thank You Cards. Invitations [...]

What Do You Do with Free Samples?

Free Samples

I’m fortunate to receive a lot of different free samples in the mail. Some of them come as review items as part of my job (affiliate marketing). Others come from sites like BzzAgent and Influenster. As I looked through the mountains of stuff in my bathroom, I got to thinking about the samples that I [...]

Throwing a #DisneySide Karaoke Party

Disney Party Food

For an afternoon, my tween and teen (and all their friends) actually acted like kids again and not little adults. I can’t thank Disney enough for that! When I first found out that I was selected by MomSelect to host a DisneySide @Home Celebration, I was so excited. Then as I started seeing the box [...]

Potty Training Sale with a Sticker Bonus

My Potty Activity Book

In my line of work I get to meet a lot of very cool people incredibly creative things. A friend of mine, Tracy Foote, wrote and illustrated a book about Potty Training that I wish I had 10 years ago. It sells for about $10 on Amazon but she is offering a special deal to [...]

Why This Christmas Is Going to Be Different


This Christmas is going to be different for me and my family. Not because we’ll be spending part of it in a different house or with different family members (although that will certainly be a change!). Not because we’ll be seeing more sand than snow. And not because certain Santa secrets are secrets no more [...]

Life Cut Short: Teenagers, Drugs, and Suicide

Frankie Vagnozzi

I write about a lot of personal issues on here, but this is one that I have never been able to share. However, the closer that my daughter gets to becoming a teen (less than a month!) and the more stories I hear from my friends, I think the time has come. My hope is [...]

Who Did You Play With at School Today?

Alone at School

When I ask my daughter who she played with at school, she probably hears a simple question that requires a simple fact-based answer–the name of a person or persons. But when I ask the question, I am really asking for a lot more than that. I had no idea until today that I am not [...]

Surviving Back to School

The first day of school has come and gone here, and I am reminded of what a big transition it really is. While it seems like that last week of summer is spent preparing for school (buying supplies, waking up earlier, getting new clothes), we also have to remember that the first month of school [...]

Summer is a Time to Teach Kids

Typically we think about the school year as the part of the year where kids learn and the summer as the time when they get to goof off. I have always made my kids do some math and reading during the summer, but not really to learn anything new–rather just to keep sharp. Instead, I [...]