The Selection Is Great Read for Mom and Teen

Reading The Selection

A couple of years ago my teen daughter and I started reading some of the same books. It was slow at first as I was trying to find things that were age appropriate for her and that I would enjoy as well. Given that I love Young Adult books, it started to really pick up […]

Tweens Show Their #DisneySide with Villains Party

DisneySide Villain Party

Last year I was lucky enough to host a Disney Side party and we had an AMAZING time with the teens and tweens doing Disney Karaoke. I was afraid this year when we were chosen to host one again that we would not be able to top it! However, between the goodies we were sent, […]

Showing Off My Daughter


What kind of mom would I be if I didn’t use my blog to brag about my kids at least a little bit? Last week was the school talent show and my older daughter, Jillian, sang a song from Wicked with her best friend Sam. I was so proud of them! They choreographed and practiced […]

Billy Joel on Howard Stern

Billy Joel on Howard Stern

I love Billy Joel. Hands down he is one of my favorite performers ever. Seeing him in concert literally made me pee my pants (TMI?). I had tickets to see him again on March 4, 2003, and unfortunately was detained in a hospital room after having given birth the day before. In all the craziness […]

Girls Night Movie Review: Labor Day

Peach Pie

Some time late last year I saw a list of books being made into movies for release in 2014 and I grabbed a few on the list to read. One of those was Labor Day. I really liked the book and looked forward to seeing the movie but just never got around to it while […]

Age Appropriate? The Fault in Our Stars

What Age is Appropriate for The Fault in Our Stars

With all of the talk about the movie coming out this summer, “The Fault In Our Stars” (by John Green) is getting a lot of attention. While it’s billed as “Young Adult” fiction, you may be wondering what age the book is really appropriate for. The short answer is that it depends on the kid. […]

Watch Frozen with Your Disney Movies Anywhere Account

Add Frozen to your Disney Movies Anywhere Account

It’s finally here! Our copy of “Frozen” has arrived from Amazon (thanks to a birthday present to my daughter from her grandmother). I saw quite a few parents posting pictures of themselves buying Frozen at their local stores today or of their kids already watching it. While my daughter was busy opening up the Blu-ray/DVD […]

Why I Love Zumba (and Stick With It)

Get Moving with Zumba

I am not the kind of person who loves exercise of every kind. I’m not incredibly coordinated and I don’t play any sports at all. I spend pretty much all day every day working at a desk in my office. So getting in exercise is a challenge for me. For years I tried all different […]