Send a Friend a Free Song on Amazon

From now through February 14, you can send a free song to a friend on Amazon. The instructions on there are a little bit confusing but essentially you get a $2 off code (VDAYMP3S) that you can apply to any song that you send to a friend. As long as you pick a song less than $2 (of which there are many), the song is free. You do still need to have a credit card registered for your Amazon account. However, it will not be charged as long as you follow the terms and conditions properly.

Amazon has some cute suggestions for songs to send to “True Love,” “Hot Date,” “Best Friend,” “Crush,” “Pity Partier,” “Anti-Romantic,” “Ex You Want Back,” “Ex Who Wants You Back,” and “Anyone You Love.” Lots of choices there.

The code can only be used for MP3 downloads and only one per person. Click here for more information and full instructions.

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