End of Summer Pool Party for Kids

It’s hard to believe but the end of the summer is upon us! Though it feels as if summer just began, it’s almost back to school time and a collective groan will soon weigh heavy over the children. If you want to make this a special and fun time of year for your kids, then consider throwing an end of summer bash where they can really let loose.

This is a fun way to let the kids get in some time at the pool and really connect with their friends before school starts. This can be a great way to kick off a school year or to end a fabulous summer. Either way it’s all about creating and reliving memories, having some great food and drink, and just having an all-around fun time!

Splashing Games

kids pool partyNo matter what age your kids are it can be a lot of fun to play some fun summer games. Set them up for some fun in the pool and make some championship games centered around it. Set them up for diving contests, searching for rings, and even swimming competitions. Allow them to recapture their youth again (that is, from way back in early summer) before the madness of school begins, and set up a fun competition for them like water balloon toss or even hot potato.

Your child is never too old to have fun with their friends and this is a great way to celebrate summer and leave their worries about back to school behind. You can make it that much more fun by offering ribbons for the winners and prizes for all participants. You can go for picture frames, candy, or just a simple goodie bag to remember the day by.

The Best Food and Drink Around

The food and drink may be the best part of this end of summer party. There are many great things you can make and none of them are hard to do. You can start off with fresh fruit kabobs – they’re not only healthy but they’re fun to eat so kids of all ages will appreciate this little gem. Set out fresh veggies and a ranch dipping sauce, as well as some hummus and pita. You of course have to be sure to put out summer favorites like chips and fresh salsa or even a taco dip that they’ll all love.

If you want a simple dinner then just go for hot dogs on the grill with all the condiments. Serve them up with chips and a nice pasta salad as that’s the perfect summer dish. Then you need to be sure that you have a great dessert like marshmallows that they can roast later on for s’mores along with a nice summer dessert like ice cream. Serve up a variety of ice cream to make it special and fun for this summer party.

You need some great drinks so go for different flavors of lemonade like raspberry and strawberry for a fun and special twist. If you have time, mix up some slushies that they can enjoy poolside. You can pick up an ice shaver from Hamilton Beach, but I actually have a margarita maker that works great for this (and it’s an opportunity to use up the rest of my Elmo party supplies from a birthday last spring.)

Memories of the Hot Days

Take pictures of them all summer long and of course at this fun little last of the year party. Then put this together into a quick little slideshow that they can watch as it’s set to their favorite music. This will allow them to reminisce on their fun days that they shared together all summer long. Print out pictures of the fun day for each of them to take home in a picture frame and they will never forget this summer or this awesome end of summer bash.

By Chris Molnar, editor of a theme party ideas website for kids and adults. He and his two kids greatly enjoy their massive five foot kiddie pool, but that won’t stop them from having a fun outdoor party this weekend with five screaming preschool friends, the hose, some water guns and slushies!

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