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I was about to cash out at for my usual check when I discovered that they now have PayPal as an option! I cashed out last night and already have the money in my PayPal account today–very exciting. They also have hundreds of new cashout items from gift cards to movies to toys. I was tempted to use my points for something else, but had already spent the money I was cashing out for (woops!). The new cashout options do take a few more points than they used to for the same amount of money, but it is not substantial and likely just a cost of business.

In case you have never heard of MySurvey, here is part of a review that I previously wrote about them. They are by far my favorite survey site (except, of course, Sunshine Rewards!)

I’ve tried a number of survey companies and most of them are very similar. Many of them pull their surveys from Greenfield and you earn some kind of points or credits by doing them. While those surveys are fine if you want to accumulate money or rewards over time, my favorite survey company is (sometimes called NFO Surveys). What I love is that once you get into their system and prove yourself, you can start getting products to try. Most of the products are brand new and some are not even on the market yet.

This year alone I have tested makeup, household supplies, and even snacks. In one case I was given a month’s supply of a household product that is name brand and generally pretty expensive. I’ve loved some of the products and hated some of them. In either case, I got to try them for free. For reasons of confidentiality, I can’t disclose the products that I have tried or the brand names. But suffice to say that these are major companies with things you use everyday anyway.

Although you do get points that you can exchange for cash or prizes (I cash out for about $100 a year), I would do it just to try the products. I love new things, but I hate spending money on them if I am not sure if I will like them. Take a chance on signing up with Take their surveys for a few months and if you take it seriously and do them regularly, you will start getting to try out new products for free as well.


  1. Tricia says

    Hi Connor,

    The PayPal will actually get added right to your account. I’m in the US and it took about 3-4 days. I got an email when it was credited.


  2. Connor says

    I am 12 years old and my parents don’t shop online, which is fine but I have started using this. So I was just about to cash in $10 last night, my question for you is:
    Does the certificate come in the mail or automatically get added to your account?
    It said something about 4-6 weeks, I didn’t really read it.
    Please answer back I would appreciate it.
    Also: I live in Western Australia.

  3. says

    The PayPal option surprised me, too. Generally, I prefer PayPal to checks so I was pleased…except for the fact that 1100 points rather than 1000 now equals $10. Do you know if our point totals were adjusted so we have the same amount of money as we did before the change or did we just lose some of the value of our existing points? MySurvey remains a great site overall; I just hope they don’t change the point values again any time soon!
    .-= Bryan´s last blog ..Free Survey Sites With Referral Programs updated Thu Apr 8 2010 9:39 pm CDT =-.

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