Hyper Wear SandBell is Hot New Exercise Product

Hyperwear Sandbell WeightsI’m always getting sucked into infomercials that show the hottest new exercise programs and equipment. I never buy it because I am always skeptical. But when I see those doctor shows on tv talking about what actually works for people, my curiosity is naturally piqued.

This week one of those shows featured the Hyper Wear SandBell weights. I do a lot of cardio between my running and Zumba but have been learning more about building up muscle to help with my weight loss. Right now I only have a couple of little hand weights, so I know that I need to get more.

There is so much that I love about these SandBell weights. First of all, they are reasonably priced, starting at just $7.99. Secondly, they stack nicely so if you have a bunch of different weights, you will not be taking up much space in your exercise area. Third, they are incredibly flexible. You can do a lot of different exercises with them targeting different muscle groups.

SandBells have actually been around for a few years. I’m not sure why they are just now getting so much national attention. But you can see from the video below that they take the place of dumbbells, plates, kettleballs, and a number of other different pieces of exercise equipment.

From now through the end of May you can get free shipping on a $50 purchase with the code FREEGROUND. Check out the video and check out SandBells by Hyper Wear.


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