Help! Best Sore Throat Remedies?

Remedies for Sore Throat I know since it’s my blog I am supposed to be the one giving advice and product reviews. But today I need your help! I got home from a conference in New York and my throat is burning so badly that I cannot stand it. I don’t think it’s a full-on cold where I need Dayquil or something like that. I’ve taken ibuprofen and it has helped a little. I’ve tried tea with honey and it helps while I am drinking it but not once I stop. And I can’t work and drink tea at the same time.

So I need your help. What are your favorite sore throat remedies? It can be a home remedy or something over the counter. I just need something that works and am willing to try just about anything at this point!

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    Cepacol works for me (lozenge), but numbs my tongue (problem when I was in a call center, might be a problem for you on skype etc)
    Ricola doesn’t so much help my sore throat as my vocal cords, but can be good for that.
    Also, airborne lozenges help me.

    I stopped using it after reading about brain-eating amoebas, but in the past a neti pot has been great for clearing out my sinuses, ensuring less nasty dripped down into my throat.
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