Hamilton Fans: Rudolph Reimagined

Hamildolph (Hamilton Rudolph Parody)

A guest post from my daughter, Cassie. She might be the biggest Hamilton fan in the house (MIGHT). Keep in mind this whole song is done a cappella! Watch the video and then read below to see what you might have missed. 

(If you want to buy the song, you can get it on Amazon for 99 cents. )

This video, by Eclipse 6, is a parody of some of the songs from the Broadway musical Hamilton. I am in love with Hamilton and am always trying to find things inspired by it. The creative name, “Hamildolph,” gives you a glimpse of how original this video is. It mixes Hamilton with the tale about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in a fun, interesting way. Check the list of things below that connect the two tales and look out for them:

  • Rudolph is played as Alexander Hamilton, being the misfit of the area
  • Santa Claus is George Washington, being the leader of the area
  • The first song is a parody of the theme “Alexander Hamilton,” in which we meet our misfit character and introduce his story
  • The second song is a parody of the theme “Right Hand Man,” in which our leader is in a crisis and needs help from our misfit (and “not throwing away his shot”)
  • The word “Burr” is said in both songs for different reasons. In “Right Hand Man” there is Aaron Burr. However in “Hamildolph” the word “Brrrrr” is stated as in freezing

I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did!

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