Free Disney Pumpkin Patterns

Disney Mickey Pumpkin Carving Template

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Pattern

Every year we carve Halloween pumpkins and up until last year they always looked the same–some combination of triangles, circles, and jagged teeth. That changed when I found the Disney character Halloween templates at the grocery store. We bought a package and transformed our pumpkins into adorable Disney jack-o-lanterns. We’re not artists or even artsy, so these were perfect for us!

Yesterday I found out that you do not even need to buy the Disney templates; you can actually print them off for free. They have everything from Jack Skellington to Mickey to Phineas and Ferb to Pooh to Princesses. You simply print them off and then transfer them to your pumpkin and then cut along the lines.

The templates give you a couple of different ways to transfer the patterns. The first is to do copy the image freehand. There is no way anyone in my house could do that. So we did the second, which was to tape the pattern onto the pumpkin and then use a pumpkin carving tool to poke holes along the outline of the shape. Then remove the paper and use the pumpkin carving knife to complete the cutting. It says that you can use a push pin or tack to poke the holes, but we just bought a cheap pumpkin carving kit like this one (Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit):
Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Kit

So if you are looking for a little something different this year for your pumpkins and are Disney fans (they also have Muppets), you should definitely consider using the templates. Visit the Disney Family website to see all of the Pumpkin Carving Templates and download them for free.

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