Betty Crocker Sweet Potato Casserole Review

I’m a sweet potato casserole lover. Every year at Thanksgiving I’m the one with second helpings plus finishing up the leftovers. Both my mom and my sister-in-law make the same sweet potato casserole, so no matter where I end up, I get my fix. Imagine how excited I was to see a box of Betty Crocker Sweet Potato Casserole mix at the grocery store today! I immediately changed dinner plans and grabbed a small ham to throw in the crockpot.

Assembling the casserole was easy enough. You bring milk, water, and butter to a boil. Then you stir in the “potato and seasoning” packets. When combined, it made a lumpy filling that looked just like the sweet potato casserole filling that I am used to. I then transferred the filling to a casserole dish and sprinkled it with a pecan streusel topping. Again, the dish was looking pretty familiar.

I popped the casserole in the oven to bake for 18-23 minutes, pretty excited about how it was looking. Then I got my first dose of reality. Before I washed the pan, I tasted the potato filling remaining on the spoon. It was not at all sweet. In fact, it tasted pretty much like regular mashed potatoes.

My husband was late for dinner and we ate without him. My kids liked the topping but not the potato part. I agree. It wasn’t nearly as sweet as I am used to. Ironically, my husband doesn’t usually like sweet potato casserole and said that he thought it was pretty good!

In all fairness, there is a recipe on the box to turn it into a sweet potato pie and that looks a lot more like what I am used to. But you have to add so many other ingredients to it (eggs, brown sugar, etc) that you might as well just make the thing from scratch if you are going to do that.

In the end, I think that the Betty Crocker Sweet Potato Casserole was very easy to make but truly a matter of taste. If you are accustomed to a sweet casserole, you may want to add some brown sugar to it. If you are not, it may be perfect for you. And on the plus side, I got a Box Top out of it!


  1. Margaret Walther says

    I live in Lakewood Ranch, FL, 34202, and our Publix grocery store carried Betty Crocker Sweet Ptotato Casserole last year at Thanksgiving and then took it off the selves. It is terrific and I would like to purchase more. Can I order a case?

  2. June says

    I live in waterford & I’ve been looking for days for the sweet potato casserole in a box by betty crocker , can anyone help me find a store that has it

    • jean sherlock says

      have been looking all over for betty crocker sweet potato casserole mix but can’t find it i live in largo florida 33778

      • jean sherlock says

        please contact me if you can find a place near me that sell betty crocker sweet potato casserole mix i would really appreciate it thanks

  3. Carolyn says

    I live in Kansas City and would like to know where I can purchase the Betty Crocker Sweet Potato Casserole Mix, Classic Recipe. Please anyone.

    Needing it in KC

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