How Did I Miss This For So Long?

Cents of Style

I consider myself a pretty savvy deal shopper. So how in the world did I miss Cents of Style for so long? I met up with them at a conference last week and was blown away by their site and their business model. There isn’t a single item on the site that I looked at […]

Where Does an Online Shopping Expert Shop?


After 11 years of helping other people find the best deals and products online, I’ve definitely become an expert at online shopping. Although I make affiliate commissions on some of the things I write about, I also write about products and merchants that I don’t get anything for at all just because I really love […]

Birthday Cards for 40th Birthdays (And Other Ages!)

40th Birthday Cards

This has been the year of 40th Birthday celebrations in my Facebook news feed. In the last 12 months, pretty much everyone I graduated from high school with turned 40. I found some fun cards at the store but nothing that REALLY applied. I wish that I had found Greeting Card Universe before now! On […]

Using the iMagnet Mount for My Phone

iMagnet Mount for Smartphones

A couple of months ago I was approached by iMagnet to try our their Original iMagnet Cradle-less Universal Car Mount Holder. I’m one of those people who uses their Google Maps for direction more often than their in-car GPS because it’s just more convenient. So I was happy to give it a chance. I got […]

Back to School: 10 Ways to Save with Gift Cards

Back to School Savings with Gift Cards

The start of the school year is insanely expensive. We’re paying for book rental, yearbooks, pictures, gym uniforms, choir dresses, iPads, art fees, activity fees, and a whole other slew of other things just to the school. Then add in new clothes, shoes, binders, folders, pencils, locker organizers, and more. It’s enough to make your […]

Ugly Christmas Socks for Sports Teams

Ugly Christmas Socks

Last year I wrote about (and ordered for myself) the adorable Ugly NFL Sweaters that Fanatics was selling. Some of you were not too sold on them or thought they were a little expensive for how much you would wear them. I have found the perfect solution. Ugly Christmas Socks! At only $10.95 a pair, […]