Girls Night Movie Review: Labor Day

Peach Pie

Some time late last year I saw a list of books being made into movies for release in 2014 and I grabbed a few on the list to read. One of those was Labor Day. I really liked the book and looked forward to seeing the movie but just never got around to it while [...]

Easy Way to Raise Money for Rescue Dog Winston

Help Winston the Rescue Dog

Last month Winston was on the “Kill List.” Today he still has a chance at a happy, healthy life if enough of us come together to help him. Given that the title of my blog is “Helping Moms Connect,” it seems only fitting that my mission today is to help my own mom with something [...]

Believe it or Not: Ripley’s Great Fun for Whole Family

Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Traveling with tween/teen girls is always an adventure. When the kids were small, we knew how to entertain them–slides and playgrounds were fun, cheesy music held their attention, and people dressed as animals or cartoon characters were believable. Now that they have gotten older, planning fun things to do on family vacations is a little [...]

Graduation Card Tips


I’m not quite to the point of sending out graduation announcements and invitations yet, but I know that some of you are. I found this great chart from TinyPrints that I think will be useful for you. There are basically 3 different types of cards that you need–Announcements, Party Invitations, and Thank You Cards. Invitations [...]

Age Appropriate? The Fault in Our Stars

What Age is Appropriate for The Fault in Our Stars

With all of the talk about the movie coming out this summer, “The Fault In Our Stars” (by John Green) is getting a lot of attention. While it’s billed as “Young Adult” fiction, you may be wondering what age the book is really appropriate for. The short answer is that it depends on the kid. [...]

Watch Frozen with Your Disney Movies Anywhere Account

Add Frozen to your Disney Movies Anywhere Account

It’s finally here! Our copy of “Frozen” has arrived from Amazon (thanks to a birthday present to my daughter from her grandmother). I saw quite a few parents posting pictures of themselves buying Frozen at their local stores today or of their kids already watching it. While my daughter was busy opening up the Blu-ray/DVD [...]

Why I Love Zumba (and Stick With It)

Get Moving with Zumba

I am not the kind of person who loves exercise of every kind. I’m not incredibly coordinated and I don’t play any sports at all. I spend pretty much all day every day working at a desk in my office. So getting in exercise is a challenge for me. For years I tried all different [...]

Mom Gets Braces: More Rubber Bands (8)

Braces 14 Months

It’s been 4 months since I last wrote about my braces, and that is because there really wasn’t much to report. I’m now 14 months into the process with approximately 10 months to go (although I am hoping for 9 months left to have them off by Christmas). Ever since I started my triangle elastics [...]

Free Despicable Me Game and Song Credit

Despicable Me Minion Rush

My daughter accidentally discovered a great free offer for you last night. Her friends were talking about this cool game, Despicable Me Minion Rush, and she wanted to know if she could download the app to her tablet. After checking it out, we told her that she could since it was free and had good [...]