New Disney Contests You Need to Enter Today

Disney Contests

One of our most popular posts ever was our post on Disney contests, so we are doing it again! Here are some of our favorite REPUTABLE Disney contests available this month. As easy as it is to enter, you might as well give it a shot! Zootopia Adventure Sweepstakes (Disney Movie Rewards) Win a trip […]

Kiddie Karma (Guest Post)


Now that my own kids are getting older, I don’t have as many funny kid stories as I used to. Thankfully, I have relatives with little ones to share their stories with me (and you!). This one comes from my cousin, Kim. I’m squirming just reading it! “If you think there’s no karma for kids, […]

How Did I Miss This For So Long?

Cents of Style

I consider myself a pretty savvy deal shopper. So how in the world did I miss Cents of Style for so long? I met up with them at a conference last week and was blown away by their site and their business model. There isn’t a single item on the site that I looked at […]

5 Kitchen Myths Debunked in 3 Minutes


They say you learn something new every day. I actually learned 5 new things today from a Household Hacker video. They took on “5 Food Myths Everyone Believes.” Of course I figured that I would not be one of “those” people who believes the myths. Turns out that I did. Watch the video below and […]

Send a Letter to Your Future Self

Email Your Future Self

Last week I received an unexpected email…from myself. I originally drafted the email over 2 years ago. When I received it last year, I Boomeranged it to myself for another year. Both times I have received it, I have remembered that I wrote it at some point but forgotten what I wrote. When I read […]