What Do You Think About This Racy Homepage?


Today I was going through my normal list of Daily Deals looking for things that I want to promote. After so many years in online marketing, I usually do not get distracted by images on pages. I know right where the deals are and I head straight to them. Today’s Torrid homepage caught me completely [...]

Trust Me, You Need Burn Cream #BurnsHappen

First Degree Burn Cream

If only I had First Degree Advanced Burn Cream in my medicine cabinet a month ago, I likely would have saved myself 1) scars on my belly, and 2) a doctor bill. I feel stupid even telling the story, but it might save you some pain and money in the future. Let me rewind. One [...]

Ray Rice Isn’t the Story, Domestic Abuse Is


All the world is talking about Ray Rice right now. The attention is on him, the NFL, the local police, everyone who might have seen the video, TMZ, etc. Let’s now take Ray Rice out of the equation and use this as an opportunity to maybe reach some people who need to be reached. This [...]

Frozen Sale at zulily: Up to 60% Off

Frozen Sale 60% Off

zulily is running a great deal on Frozen apparel, toys, books, and more starting today. It is scheduled to run for 4 days but last time I saw a sale like this, merchandise started selling out quickly. Here are some of my favorite items: Frozen pajamas Costumes for $19.99 Necklace and bracelet set for $5.99 [...]

Influenster Vitality VoxBox

Influenster Vitality VoxBox

I was lucky enough to be chosen again to receive a VoxBox from Influenster. If you have not signed up with them yet and like to review products for free, what are you waiting for?? Just go to Influenster.com to get signed up. The more active you are with them, the more products that you [...]

Magic Slimming Exercise Pants

Marika Slimming Pants

There is a certain irony in going shopping for workout clothes when you are not a size small or medium. You really need the clothes because you NEED to work out. But most of them are either not made big enough for you or are big enough but make you feel so fat you don’t [...]

Win a $50 Kohl’s Gift Card for Back to School

Win $50 Kohls Card

It’s Back to School time! At my house that means so many things–buying supplies, new clothes, earlier bedtimes, papers to sign, and checks to write! One of our first stops every year is to buy new clothes and shoes at Kohl’s. It’s a great place to start because they have a wide range of products [...]

Meet My Cousin Kim and Check Out Her Blog


I don’t often write about other bloggers, but today is a special case. I want you to meet my cousin Kim. In my mind, I still think of her as “Kimmy,” because that’s what she was when we were kids. I’m not sure she would appreciate me calling her that anymore! Kim and I were [...]

How Old Should Kids Be To Date?

Kids Dating

When I first started blogging, my biggest concerns were about potty training, free online math worksheets, and good deals on Gymboree clothes. Fast forward almost 10 years and I still have a lot of parenting concerns, but the stakes seem to be getting higher. Right now we are in the middle of “The Great Boyfriend [...]

How My Kids Helped Me Accept Myself

How My Daughters Helped Me

I wish that I could be one of those people who doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about me (Hi, mom!). I have always been incredibly self-conscious about just about everything. I’ve been on a constant yo-yo diet since I was 13 (and weighed about half of what I do now!). I straighten my naturally [...]