Gilmore Girls Revival Party Menu

Gilmore Girls Party Menu

Are you as excited as I am about the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix? If so and you want to take your GG watching to the next level, consider planning a Gilmore Girls Menu to accompany your November 25 binge watching. Simple (and obvious) ideas: Coffee (duh! I don’t even like coffee but I […]

Disney Contests Ending Soon

Disney Contests Ending Soon

It’s been over a month since our last Disney contest update and a few of these are ending soon! Be sure to jump on them before you miss out. Leave a comment below telling us which you like best so we can look for more of them! Classic Cruise Sweepstakes (TCM Wine Club) Win a […]

Never Admit You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted


I’d like to thank Donald Trump. And Bill Clinton, really. I’d like to thank both of them for giving me a reason to finally speak openly. I can’t get away from two words these days–sexual assault. They are constantly on the news. In my Facebook news feed. In my Twitter stream. And every single time […]

Teen Costumes That Will Get Used Year Round


I’ve never been one to make Halloween costumes. My mom was great at pulling them together. She set the bar pretty high with this Wonder Woman costume she made me when I was about 4: My daughters have always been Disney girls. Almost every year they got a new princess costume until they graduated up […]

5 New Disney Contests


It has been a couple of months since we did one of our popular Disney contest roundup posts, so I wanted to pull one together really quick! Disney Dream Big Princess Sweepstakes (Disney) Win a Land & Sea Adventure for 4 with 3 nights in Walt Disney World and a 4 night Disney Cruise. Includes […]

Which Pur Product Do I Use Every Day?


Normally when a merchant sends me a free product to do a review, I try to get the review up as soon as possible. This time I took 6 weeks! Did I feel guilty? A little. But I had a good reason. Many times when I try a product out quickly I like it because […]

I Have Been Lying About Getting Older


Last night after watching the “Parenthood” finale (Netflix binge!), I had an epiphany. For the last 15 months, I have been pretty smug. In fact, I’ve been pretty smug my whole adult life–when it comes to aging. I’m one of those people who always says things like “I don’t care that I am getting older,” […]

Get “Where’s My Mickey” Totally Free


My kids used to LOVE playing “Where’s My Water.” Since then, Disney has released a number of different similar games but one of the most popular is “Where’s My Mickey?”  One of the best things about this game is that not only can you get the game itself for free, but you can get the […]

Buying Experiences Versus Buying Stuff


Last week we took our kids to New York for a few days in conjunction with my travel for a conference. The highlight of the trip was getting to see “Hamilton” on Broadway. As I talked to friends about how we have started buying our kids tickets for events as gifts, I kept hearing the […]

New Disney Contests You Need to Enter Today

Disney Contests

One of our most popular posts ever was our post on Disney contests, so we are doing it again! Here are some of our favorite REPUTABLE Disney contests available this month. As easy as it is to enter, you might as well give it a shot! Zootopia Adventure Sweepstakes (Disney Movie Rewards) Win a trip […]