Birthday Cards for 40th Birthdays (And Other Ages!)

40th Birthday Cards

This has been the year of 40th Birthday celebrations in my Facebook news feed. In the last 12 months, pretty much everyone I graduated from high school with turned 40. I found some fun cards at the store but nothing that REALLY applied. I wish that I had found Greeting Card Universe before now! On […]

Review of George: New Transgender Book for Kids

George by Alex Gino

I read a lot of books with my kids, particularly ones that have anything controversial in them that I want to talk to the kids about while they are reading or after they are reading the book. So I knew immediately when I heard about George by Alex Gino that the girls and I needed […]

Beware the IRS Phone Scam

IRS Phone Scam

Yesterday I received a phone call from phone number 509-588-7291. I was on the other line, so it went to voicemail. When I checked the voicemail, I only heard the tail end of the recording which was basically “and a lawsuit is being filed against you. Please return this call immediately.” I figured I might […]

Easy Sponsorship Money for Your Group from Pear

Pear Sponsorships

If you or your kids are in any kind of non-profit group, you know that “fundraising” is not always “fun.” In fact, a lot of times involves trying to convince people to buy things they don’t need or just paying money out of your own pocket because you don’t want to participate. I’m always looking […]

Thank God It’s the One Thing We Agree On


On a daily basis my Facebook news stream is an endless series of debates, discussions, and downright arguments. Some of it is all in good fun like sports fans trash talking. Some of it is pretty heavy but understandable like gay marriage and global warming. Some of it is even questionable how it can be […]

Free Museum Tickets September 26

National Museum Day

The Smithsonian Magazine is once again presenting Museum Day Live, where you can get 2 free museum tickets to select venues across the country. To get the tickets you just register for a free account on the Smithsonian Magazine site and request the ticket. You then print the ticket or display it on your mobile […]

Using the iMagnet Mount for My Phone

iMagnet Mount for Smartphones

A couple of months ago I was approached by iMagnet to try our their Original iMagnet Cradle-less Universal Car Mount Holder. I’m one of those people who uses their Google Maps for direction more often than their in-car GPS because it’s just more convenient. So I was happy to give it a chance. I got […]

Back to School: 10 Ways to Save with Gift Cards

Back to School Savings with Gift Cards

The start of the school year is insanely expensive. We’re paying for book rental, yearbooks, pictures, gym uniforms, choir dresses, iPads, art fees, activity fees, and a whole other slew of other things just to the school. Then add in new clothes, shoes, binders, folders, pencils, locker organizers, and more. It’s enough to make your […]

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Offer


After a run of not-so-positive posts lately, I am happy to have something totally fun to write about! This Sunday (August 2), check your local newspapers for a special offer on Blue Bunny ice cream cartons, cones, sandwiches, and bars that you can redeem at your local retailer. Blue Bunny products are available in all […]