Sometimes Things Never Get Fixed


I’m sitting at my computer trying to figure out how to respond to emails that I just don’t feel like working today because I can’t stop crying. The simple answer would be “My father died.” But that’s not really what I want to say. I don’t want people telling me that they are sorry I […]

Hair Products Make All the Difference

Hair Product Differences

When I was a teenager, I had poker straight hair and wanted it curly so badly that my mom permed it until I looked like a poodle. After I had kids, it developed its own curl and I wanted it straight so badly that I started flat-ironing it until it became dull looking. People are […]

Ugly Christmas Socks for Sports Teams

Ugly Christmas Socks

Last year I wrote about (and ordered for myself) the adorable Ugly NFL Sweaters that Fanatics was selling. Some of you were not too sold on them or thought they were a little expensive for how much you would wear them. I have found the perfect solution. Ugly Christmas Socks! At only $10.95 a pair, […]

Disney Cruise Fish Extender Gifts at Etsy

Disney Fish Extender Gifts on Etsy

I’m not a majorly crafty person, but I am creative and resourceful. When we went on our first Disney cruise, I made our Fish Extender and all of the gifts that we gave out on the cruise. As time went on, the gifts we gave were a little less creative and crafty and I started […]

I Bought a Picture Worth 1000 Words


If you look at any family photo or group picture of me on Facebook, you will see that I am always the one standing in the back. One of the perks of being tall is that I always have an excuse to stand behind someone else when I am getting my picture taken. If I […]

My Surprising Family Tree: An AncestryDNA Review


(Limited time offer: April 23-27 get 20% off AncestryDNA. If you are ordering more than one kit, try using code FREESHIPDNA to cut your shipping cost a little) I’ve grown up thinking of myself as basically Irish. My grandmother’s maiden name was Emma Lou O’Malley, which is as Irish as you can get. We celebrate […]

How Much Difference Does An Inch Really Make?

Difference of an Inch

I’m pretty open about sharing personal things on my blog, including a lot about my own insecurities. I’ve been turning this post over in my head for quite awhile and after talking to my kids the other day, I decided the time had come to write it. Put your fingers out in front of you […]