7 Disney Contests to Enter Today

Disney Contests

I have won a lot of totally random online contests from a bottle of SunnyD to hundreds of dollars in gift cards. I have given away a LOT of prizes in my own contests (including a Disney Cruise once). My favorite contests are the Disney contests where I can dream about free fantastic vacations or […]

Curlformers: Best Solution for Hard to Curl Hair

Curlformers Review

When my daughter was young and in dance classes, I remember how distressed I always was at trying to get her hair to stay in the ringlets that they wanted them to have for recitals. I did my best with a combination of products and different types of curlers and irons. Every single time the […]

Is Your Eye Doctor Illegally Taking Advantage Of You?


Last week the FTC sent out letters to eye doctors across the country warning them of potential violations of “The Contact Lens Rule.” As soon as I heard about it, I started digging in and found out that there is a similar “Eyeglass Rule.” I had never heard of either of them and it turns […]

Lesson Planet Review (Guest Post)

Lesson Planet Review

When I was asked to look at Lesson Planet and write up my thoughts, I was eager. I love looking at new resources that I can add to my arsenal of teaching materials. I have decided that as I get older, I don’t like to teach the same lessons every year. While those lessons are […]

Let Lenovo Sponsor your STEM Group (Middle or High School)

Lenovo Stem Sponsorship

Through the Pear platform, Lenovo is now sponsoring STEM/STEAM groups with $1,000 cash grants or custom apparel. What do you need to know about getting your group sponsored? First, I’ve written before about how Pear works. Essentially they run social media-type campaigns through their platform so that you can raise money for your group by […]

Where Does an Online Shopping Expert Shop?


After 11 years of helping other people find the best deals and products online, I’ve definitely become an expert at online shopping. Although I make affiliate commissions on some of the things I write about, I also write about products and merchants that I don’t get anything for at all just because I really love […]

Free Trial of Tea Collection


I love a lot of things and among them are tea and free stuff. So I was interested when I saw this free Essential Tea Collection trial from ALOHA. I have started using tea in a lot of different ways. Many few years ago I got into flavored teas but when I was in Hawaii […]

When a Mom Blog Becomes a Teenager

Mom Blog Teenagers

Today is a pretty major milestone for my blog, and not because of its own age. I started Helping Moms Connect back in 2004, when my daughters were only 1 and 3. It was a true “mom blog” before that term even existed. At the time I wrote about everything going on in our lives […]

It’s Time to Read “Me Before You”

Me Before You

I just finished reading “After You” last night and realized that many of you still haven’t read “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. The story revolves around the main characters of Louisa and Will. Louisa has been hired to take care of Will after an accident. As with any good love story, they come from […]