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Why We Love NFO/My Survey!

Reviews from Moms

Take Surveys with NFO & Go for $10,000
Have you been thinking about signing up for one of those sites that pays you for taking surveys but are concerned about whether the surveys are legitimate? After months of experimenting, Helping Moms Connect is pleased to endorse NFO/MySurvey. Read our My Survey Reviews below:

Take Surveys with NFO & Go for $10,000

My Survey Review From Cindy Ballard--

I have been taking the NFO surveys for about a year now, and I can truly say it is one of the best. I originally signed up with about 15 survey sites to see which one I liked best. This one is definitely it. Not only are the surveys fun, but they are very easy to take.

What's really neat is that some of the surveys on consumer products I took a year ago are now hitting the market and I had prior knowledge to the products. When I see them in the stores or on TV advertised as new, I laugh because my input helped name them, or price them, or pick their flavors. I have had NFO send me products then use them for awhile and then complete a phone or online survey with them about the products. It's fun, and best of all, you gain points that lead to either money, or a whole list of products to chose from.

I am currently doing a beverage survey for them. I have a sheet where I have to fill out what I drink for an entire day, then I will give them the results. I've never earned money this easy before. The more surveys you fill out, and the more information you give them about yourself, the more surveys they will send you. Some of them are worth big points. Sign up today and try it.


My Survey Review From Tricia Meyer--

I'm always skeptical about anything where I get "something for nothing." When I heard that you could make money online for taking surveys, I was intrigued. The money isn't huge, but it is a nice little extra.

So far, my favorite survey site is NFO/MySurvey. Why? First, the surveys are interesting. Sometimes you watch commercials, sometimes you tell about products you currently use, and sometimes you even have products sent to you. I especially like the new product surveys. Often you get to see markups of the advertising in advance. Some of the brands that I have given my opinion on include Jello, Huggies, and Saab.

A second reason that I like NFO is the ease of use. I get notified by email when there is a survey waiting for me. Sometimes I will get a few in a week. Other weeks I may only get one. They always clearly tell me in advance what I will get from the survey.

Finally, I like that I actually get paid! I was only in the program for a couple of months before I had enough points to request my first check. After I requested the check, it arrived within about two weeks. Not too bad! NFO is  reputable company worth giving a try.

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